Collaborative Local Impact in Aalborg and Amsterdam

CLIMAA brings together the cities of Aalborg  (Denmark) and Amsterdam  (The Netherlands) and the Network for Sustainable Business Development (Aalborg), MKB Amsterdam and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability to:

  • Co-create a working methodology to engage and onboard local SMEs regarding Local Green Deals
  • Co-design a Local Green Deal template
  • Implement Local Green Deals

Local Green Deals (LGDs) are the local response to the European Green Deal. A Local Green Deal (LGD) is a new approach to accelerate the transformation towards sustainability, based on the principles of good governance, policy integration, partnership with local stakeholders and action.

The implementation of LGDs will support SMEs to advance their business models sustainably. This will both benefit the robustness of their business models, but also the actual individuals working in the local SMEs.

The project started in May 2022 and will run until May 2023.


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Full methodology and template to be released soon. Download image.

CLIMAA Meeting Aalborg

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